Monday, September 22, 2008


So here it goes the last month… So we left Rexburg in the middle of August and on our way home to Texas we stopped in Utah for Mike’s sisters wedding. It was a great day. It was really cool to be there in the Temple with Mike’s Parents, his two brothers, and his sister and her husband. Then we stayed in Utah for a couple of days. We headed on our way to Texas on Tuesday (our 5 year wedding anniversary) and we stopped in Colorado. Then we got up on Wednesday and finished the long drive and made it here on Wednesday night.

After we crossed the Texas Border

Our truck with all of our stuff in was already here and so Thursday we got up and unloaded that. Then we hadn't been in Texas for twelve hours and I went for a job interview at a Private Preschool and was offered the job that night. I took the job and started work that Saturday getting the classroom in order. Then the next week was trainings and open house. I was hopping to have at least a couple of days to get things in order around the house but that is not at all how it happened. Oh well someone has to make some money. Mike has been getting his portfolio together and will start contacting people this week about jobs. Cross your fingers that he will get something soon. We will definitely let everyone know the outcome of that. We did get some of Ike but mostly just rain but, were prepared for much worse. I know this probably sounds like we haven’t been doing much but I feel like I am just going and going all the time.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Update coming soon!