Saturday, March 24, 2007

My First Post

Here goes my first post on my blog. Mike and I are still in Rexburg Idaho and we will be here for the summer and then two more semesters after that. So in a year Mike will be done with school. YES!!! Hopefully we will be getting out of Rexburg by then and be on our way to Texas. I am currently working at a daycare and I am the Assistant Director. It is fun but so tiring I am looking forward to my break this coming week. Mike is finishing up his third to last semester. He is tired of being in school but is hanging in there. In the fall he will be starting the BFA(Bachelors of Fine Arts) program. It will hopefully get him and his portfolio ready to get himself a job out of School. We are in our 4th apartment since living in Rexburg. It is a nice but small place. It will work until Mike graduates and we leave and hopefully be in another apartment for a couple month and then into our own house. Well that is about it going on here in nice old Rexburg. Hope everything is going well with everyone else.