Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I know that Thanksgiving was about 3 weeks ago or more. I have been meaning to put an update but I had to ok it with my father. You all maybe be asking why...well my Aunt set him up on a date with a lady named Nelwyn when he was there and they have hit it off. She is really nice, and a very thoughtful person. It was good to get to know her and some of her family. We didn't do many big things it was pretty much just a time to relax and hang out with family. One thing that I liked about the week was that Nelwyn and I got to go and do some shopping just the two of us. It was good to get to know her and have the time just us. I also had fun playing games with my family, her and her family to get to know them better. Wish that it could have been a longer time spend but hopefully another chance will come again. Mike spent the time here in Rexburg. I got him and couple of little cornish gamehen and then he made the rest and had a good time. Well that is about it. Here are a couple of pictures.

Dad and Nelwyn

Here is one of Nelwyn and I. This isn't a good picture of me but it is a good one of Nelwny. :)