Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ice Storm

Here are some picture from the Ice Storm that we got on Tuesday night. It was nice to have Wednesday off of work and just sit at home and stay warm. When I went back to work on Thursday my days were all messed up.

Our Car about 8:30 Tuesday night
The next morning at 10amThe patio at 10am and that is pure ice.

Monday, January 19, 2009


I finally put an update on.... :) Check it out and I hope you Enjoy!


Christmas.... It was a Walker Christmas this year so we spent the time with my family. We had Jamie, Ashley, Boston, and Cade stay at the Nixon's with us b/c there is just not enough room at Dad and Nelwyn's and at their house they had Corey and Marianne( Nelwyn's Daughter). We just hung out until Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas Eve we did our usual tradition of having chili and corn bread for dinner, open our Christmas pajamas and then we headed out to go look at Christmas lights. We went to a house that is in a neighborhood close to us that has 104,000 lights on it and you can turn your radio to a station and the lights go with the music. It is so amazing I can't even imagine all the time it would take to put it up and take it all down. On the way home from looking at lights we played freeze out so that we would be ready when we got home for some nice warm hot chocolate. :) Then Christmas morning we got up and got ready and went back over to dads house. It was so fun to see Boston so excited to see what Santa brought him and if he had the cookies and milk Boston up out for him. He also helped my dad in handing out the presents. Each of us kids got an amazing present this year Corey got my moms wedding ring, Jamie got my moms 25th anniversary ring, and I got my grandmas wedding ring. It is amazing to have that and be able to pass it on to my oldest girl some day. I also got for my birthday my moms CTR ring. For Christmas dinner we had Ashley's family and one of Nelwyn's friends and her son over. We had yummy ham with all the sides but the best was the delicious fried turkey that we had. Holy Cow it was amazing! If you have never had that I do have to say you should to try it. On that Saturday Jamie and Ashley went to celebrate their 5 year wedding anniversary so Mike and I had the boys. It was so much fun and it wasn't bad at all to go from having no kids to having two boys over night. Then on Monday the 29th Corey's girlfriend Amber flew into town and we went over to Jamie and Ashley's to meet her. She is an amazing girl and I wish we could have spent more time with her. Hope to see her again soon. On New Years Eve we went over to Jamie and Ashley's so that the next day they could take us to the airport. We had fun staying up and watching the ball drop and eating some munchies. Then we got up the next morning and went to the airport and headed off to the Nixon Reunion. Update on the once I can get some pictures from Dad.
Boston Christmas morning in his Christmas PJ's (Well half of them)
Boston eating a snack while waiting for Christmas dinner.
Nelwyn and Jamie with the yummy turkey. (It might look a little over done but inside was really good)
Marianne, Nelwyn and Dad playing Rock band
Boston eating his New Years Eve treat


Thanksgiving ...Camille's birthday is at the beginning of November so David got her tickets for all the kids to fly home for Thanksgiving. It was so much fun to have everyone home. We didn't have that much time to spend with everyone especially Chris who got here on Thanksgiving afternoon but we made the best of it. We went out to eat and hung out. We also did a lot of Rock Band playing. We went to Main Event and went bowling and then at work I got coupons for all of us to get a free card with 10 bucks on it for the arcades which was a lot of fun. Then we had to say good bye to everyone but we knew we would see them after Christmas for the Nixon Reunion.

Our amazing centerpieces
Mom and her owie from cutting the stems of the hydrangeas
Nixon Men Watching Football
Mom. Matt, Sara, Mike Rocking and Wade and Chris being fans
Sara, Mom, Mike, and Dad Rocking Out