Sunday, November 18, 2007

Jon Schmidt

We went and saw Jon Schmidt last night. For those of you who don't know he is a really good LDS pianist. Jamie introduced his music to me and I just love it. We have been to one of his shows before and loved it. When we found out that he was coming again we had to go because when we leave here who knows when we will get to see him again. So we went and were entertained the whole night. I got some video but I am not sure how to put that on here so all you get is pictures. Oh and one sad thing is when we got home I was looking at the pictures I had taken and then Mike looked at them and he accidentally deleted the video of Jon doing a back flip which is way cool. So if you guys ever have the chance to go and see him I would really recommend it. He is AMAZING!

Playing upside down, twist, and backwards

Just before playing the Dumb song/ Bumbble Bee Tuna

Friday, November 16, 2007

I have been Tagged.

My sister-in-law Ashley tagged me so here we go.

1. I can not stand to clean the hair out of my brush. Growing up my mom would do it for me and now my lovely husband will do it. I don't have to ask it just gets done. I don't know what it is but it just is nasty even though it is my own hair.

2. I like to do crafts. I like to scrapbook but what I really like the most is card making. I don't do much of it right now because we don't have the space to do it because I like to spread out and not have to clean it up. :)

3. My newest obsession is quilt making. I am in the middle of making my first quilt. I went to a craft store here and saw the fabric and just fell in love with it. So we will see how it goes. Hopefully it will turn out great.

4. I want to go to Cosmetology School once Mike is done and we are out of Idaho. I never really thought about it but someone mentioned it to me and now that is what I am going to do. Hopefully I can get through it because I am not the best person when it comes to other people’s feet.

5. I got married to my brother’s best friend. I never liked him or had ever thought about dating him until they got back from their missions and we were hanging out all the time. Jamie actually set us up on our first date on Valentines Day. It is pretty crazy and now we have been married for almost 4 and a half years. Crazy!

6. I am going to kind of copy Ashley on this one. My favorite tv shows are Private Practice, Jon and Kate plus 8, Bringing home Baby (on TLC), and Baby Story (on TLC). I have just started being able to watch the whole show of Baby Store because they actually show the delivary and I am really really squeamish and I would have to change the channel but for some reason I can watch it now unless it is a c-section.

Well there you go. Hope I didn't boar you guys that bad. I tag Megan, Camille (Mom), Jessica, Maryanne, and Kristen. Good Luck!! :)