Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I know that Thanksgiving was about 3 weeks ago or more. I have been meaning to put an update but I had to ok it with my father. You all maybe be asking why...well my Aunt set him up on a date with a lady named Nelwyn when he was there and they have hit it off. She is really nice, and a very thoughtful person. It was good to get to know her and some of her family. We didn't do many big things it was pretty much just a time to relax and hang out with family. One thing that I liked about the week was that Nelwyn and I got to go and do some shopping just the two of us. It was good to get to know her and have the time just us. I also had fun playing games with my family, her and her family to get to know them better. Wish that it could have been a longer time spend but hopefully another chance will come again. Mike spent the time here in Rexburg. I got him and couple of little cornish gamehen and then he made the rest and had a good time. Well that is about it. Here are a couple of pictures.

Dad and Nelwyn

Here is one of Nelwyn and I. This isn't a good picture of me but it is a good one of Nelwny. :)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Jon Schmidt

We went and saw Jon Schmidt last night. For those of you who don't know he is a really good LDS pianist. Jamie introduced his music to me and I just love it. We have been to one of his shows before and loved it. When we found out that he was coming again we had to go because when we leave here who knows when we will get to see him again. So we went and were entertained the whole night. I got some video but I am not sure how to put that on here so all you get is pictures. Oh and one sad thing is when we got home I was looking at the pictures I had taken and then Mike looked at them and he accidentally deleted the video of Jon doing a back flip which is way cool. So if you guys ever have the chance to go and see him I would really recommend it. He is AMAZING!

Playing upside down, twist, and backwards

Just before playing the Dumb song/ Bumbble Bee Tuna

Friday, November 16, 2007

I have been Tagged.

My sister-in-law Ashley tagged me so here we go.

1. I can not stand to clean the hair out of my brush. Growing up my mom would do it for me and now my lovely husband will do it. I don't have to ask it just gets done. I don't know what it is but it just is nasty even though it is my own hair.

2. I like to do crafts. I like to scrapbook but what I really like the most is card making. I don't do much of it right now because we don't have the space to do it because I like to spread out and not have to clean it up. :)

3. My newest obsession is quilt making. I am in the middle of making my first quilt. I went to a craft store here and saw the fabric and just fell in love with it. So we will see how it goes. Hopefully it will turn out great.

4. I want to go to Cosmetology School once Mike is done and we are out of Idaho. I never really thought about it but someone mentioned it to me and now that is what I am going to do. Hopefully I can get through it because I am not the best person when it comes to other people’s feet.

5. I got married to my brother’s best friend. I never liked him or had ever thought about dating him until they got back from their missions and we were hanging out all the time. Jamie actually set us up on our first date on Valentines Day. It is pretty crazy and now we have been married for almost 4 and a half years. Crazy!

6. I am going to kind of copy Ashley on this one. My favorite tv shows are Private Practice, Jon and Kate plus 8, Bringing home Baby (on TLC), and Baby Story (on TLC). I have just started being able to watch the whole show of Baby Store because they actually show the delivary and I am really really squeamish and I would have to change the channel but for some reason I can watch it now unless it is a c-section.

Well there you go. Hope I didn't boar you guys that bad. I tag Megan, Camille (Mom), Jessica, Maryanne, and Kristen. Good Luck!! :)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Snow Time

Saturday Morning we woke up to a lot of snow and it just keep coming. We decided to make a snow man b/c it was the perfect snow for that. While making it we decided to take it and put it in front of Megan and Ryan's door. So we started to roll up a ball and take it over there. We were trying to be sneaky but it was hard but they waited to open the door until we were ready.

Megan and Ryan looking out the door. :)

From inside the apartment.

The beginnings of Gilbert.

The boys with there master piece.

Mike and I with Gilbert.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

New Hair

So I decided to be daring and chop off my hair. This is what came out of it all. Thanks to Megan for doing an amazing job; I just love it. Hope you guys like it. There are also more pictures coming from something fun we did today.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Summer Fun( Texas, Cabin, Yellowstone)


I haven't done a update in a long time so I am guessing it is about time. Here is the fun and not so fun goings on of the summer. Where to start..... First of all Mike finished his third to last semester. YES!! He only has two left and will be done in April and we will be moving on to a new place and career. It is kinda scary to think that he is almost done, but we are ready and excited to see what is coming next. After being out of school for about a week he got a job working at The Best Western-Cotton Tree Inn as a handy man. He has really liked it a lot and it has been good for us because he has been learning a lot of stuff so when we have a house then I can have him fix it. Mike is going to be starting back to school on Wednesday and also working close to full time. That is about it for Mike. As for me about may I stopped working at the daycare and started working for a lady watching her kids at her house. It was a fun while it lasted but I am now looking for new work. I also had a wonderful opportunity to go down to Utah and spend a couple days in St. George with my grandparents and then travel with them to Texas to help out with my dad after his 3rd and hopefully final hip sugary. It was so fun to be able to just sit and hang out with my dad. I also had the opportunity to hang out with Jamie, Ashley, and Boston. I was able to babysit Boston two day and we had fun. I miss them so much and can't wait to hopefully be close to them. Since being back from Texas Mike and I had the change to go to his family's cabin in Jackson, WY. We went up a couple days before his family and then they came and we headed off to West Yellowstone to stay for a couple of day and go threw Yellowstone National Park. We had a lot of fun and saw quite a few animals then back to the cabin for a couple days. Then off to Bear Lake to meet up with Mikes Aunt and Uncles and Cousins. We had a fun time just hanging out going to the lake to go boating and of course played the wonderful candy game. It was a lot of fun to meet people in the family that I haven't meet yet and also get to know the family better. I also had a change to stop in at the Mecham runion and see some of them. Well this is long enough and that is pretty much all that has gone on for us this summer. We are ready for Mike to start school and be done and that will come sooner than we expect. Hope everything is going well with all of you guys.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Nothing Much

At Megan's request.... Well I haven't written because not much has happened, but Megan wanted an update so here we go. A couple of weeks ago I got to go down to Utah and spend some time with my family. I got to see my Dad and my brother and his family before they moved back to Texas. The big event of the week was that my sister-in-law graduated(Congrats Ash!!). It was a fun weekend. The sad thing was that Mike wasn't able to go because he had just started a new job. Well the job is the good part but not being able to be with the family is the sad part. Then, this week has been a really nice week. I am quitting my job at the daycare. I got offered a job from one of the parents to watch her 4 kids until we leave after Mike is done with school. It is what I have been hoping and waiting for. It will be so much fun and we are going to do a lot of fun stuff. I will probably be pretty tan by the end of the summer. We will be going to the slash part at least one a week. :) I am so excited! I feel that it is what I am supposed to do. I just now have to see if i can last two more weeks at the daycare. There has just been stuff going on that I need to get away from. So that is pretty much all that has been going on here in boring Rexburg. I can't wait to see the end and be done here. I am ready to move onto the next step of our lives. Hope everyone is doing well and this post isn't too long and boring. Talk to you guys later.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Last Couple Weeks

Things here are going alright. Mike is done with school and trying to find work for the summer. The best part of this last two week is that I got to go down to Provo for about 5 days and spend the time resting and relaxing with my little nephew(Boston). I got to babysit him and I know some people might say that isn't resting and relaxing b/c that is what I do every day but "Oh Man" being able to do what I want and go places during the day was a lot of fun. Also just being able to be with just one child and play and have fun was the best. The sad part is that they will be moving to Texas in about 3 weeks. :( I am not going to be able to just make a 4 hour drive to see them. Hopefully in a year we will be back in Texas and close to them so we can play more often. So I got back from Provo and went back to work but it has been kinda slow b/c the Public Schools here were out for Spring Break and then the College got out for a break in between Winter and Summer Semesters. So I haven't been working that many hours which is alright with me b/c it means that I am able to spend some time with Mike which hasn't been that much lately b/c he has been busy with projects since the semester was ending. Other than this nothing else exciting is going on. I am just missing my friend Megan for they have moved for the summer and so I am hoping that the summer will go fast so that they will be back. But it is sad b/c they will only be back for about 3-4 months then leave again b/c Ryan will be all done with school. So I will be happy but then sad again. So that is all that is going on around little lame Rexburg.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

My First Post

Here goes my first post on my blog. Mike and I are still in Rexburg Idaho and we will be here for the summer and then two more semesters after that. So in a year Mike will be done with school. YES!!! Hopefully we will be getting out of Rexburg by then and be on our way to Texas. I am currently working at a daycare and I am the Assistant Director. It is fun but so tiring I am looking forward to my break this coming week. Mike is finishing up his third to last semester. He is tired of being in school but is hanging in there. In the fall he will be starting the BFA(Bachelors of Fine Arts) program. It will hopefully get him and his portfolio ready to get himself a job out of School. We are in our 4th apartment since living in Rexburg. It is a nice but small place. It will work until Mike graduates and we leave and hopefully be in another apartment for a couple month and then into our own house. Well that is about it going on here in nice old Rexburg. Hope everything is going well with everyone else.