Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Last Couple Weeks

Things here are going alright. Mike is done with school and trying to find work for the summer. The best part of this last two week is that I got to go down to Provo for about 5 days and spend the time resting and relaxing with my little nephew(Boston). I got to babysit him and I know some people might say that isn't resting and relaxing b/c that is what I do every day but "Oh Man" being able to do what I want and go places during the day was a lot of fun. Also just being able to be with just one child and play and have fun was the best. The sad part is that they will be moving to Texas in about 3 weeks. :( I am not going to be able to just make a 4 hour drive to see them. Hopefully in a year we will be back in Texas and close to them so we can play more often. So I got back from Provo and went back to work but it has been kinda slow b/c the Public Schools here were out for Spring Break and then the College got out for a break in between Winter and Summer Semesters. So I haven't been working that many hours which is alright with me b/c it means that I am able to spend some time with Mike which hasn't been that much lately b/c he has been busy with projects since the semester was ending. Other than this nothing else exciting is going on. I am just missing my friend Megan for they have moved for the summer and so I am hoping that the summer will go fast so that they will be back. But it is sad b/c they will only be back for about 3-4 months then leave again b/c Ryan will be all done with school. So I will be happy but then sad again. So that is all that is going on around little lame Rexburg.